European History Pt. 26 — Aftermath of 7 years war

Last time I explained how the French lost what was a climactic challenge with the British in the new world and Europe, partially because the Prussians were able to do the earth-bound dirty work of the British master strategists. “Winning an empire on the plains of Germany.”

Now I want to look at the peace settlement.

France gave up its territory east of the MIssissippi to Britain and West of the Mississippi to Spain (its ally). Interestingly though, most French concessions were not very damaging and its  international trade rose wildly after the war. In time though, everyone would discover that the West Indies would not be as interesting or important as the sea lanes write large, and of course those tricky colonists on the mainland of North America.

England gained by showing that the world’s sea traffic ultimately rested on its will. They kept Belgium away from the French.

Prussia was still alive after it all, and the war confirmed the Prussian mentality that survival would be by war alone. Their illegal seizure of Silesia was legitimated, and with it, a war-like mentality that would have consequences for hundreds of years in Europe. What a shame.


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