My first time in San Francisco

I’m in San Fran for a conference this week. Technically, I’ve been in SF once before, but I was at the age when it’s doubtful that I “took it all in” so to speak. I don’t think I remember one thing from that trip.

Here’s what strikes me. (I’m near Nob Hill and Market St.)

1. SF is a lot like downtown portland. Not too surprising since they both qualify as Pacific Northwest.

2. Living in LA, I will probably never have much reason to use the Golden Gate bridget. I used the Bay bridge to get into town.

3. SF is also A TON like New York. It’s a small little real estate market, bounded by water, on a coast, that has become extremely wealthy and liberal. I wonder if any of those things are related. The only real difference is the hills. Getting back to my place at the top of NH was like climbing Kilimanjaro. Some of the hills I thought had a laughably high incline. I wonder if it’s hard to build houses. My place is at a small slant so that doors close on their own if you don’t shut them.

4. I ate at an indian place called “chutney” it got good reviews but was quite bad. Shame. I guess I should have done something more local cuisine-y. What would that be? Chinese?


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