A classic story of overcoming

My dad loves stories of overcoming, and so I made sure to send him this.

These stories are not common in the statistical sense — it’s rare when someone beats all the obstacles in their path. Hell, it’s rare when someone with every advantage overcomes every obstacle in their path, much less someone who starts with disadvantages.

But these stories are common in the narrative that they tell and what they exalt about human potential. Everyone made fun of this guy, then all the college programs made up reasons why he wouldn’t be good. Blah blah blah. This just continued to not care what other people said; to be impervious to the prejudices, narrowness, and the laziness of others.

There’s  a quote by John Wooden that I like: “Never let the things you can’t do prevent you from doing the things you can,” and the secret of this aphorism is that if you really believe, if you take its spirit to heart, you find out that there’s really not much that you can’t do, in the end, at all. Another Wooden quote, “do all the little things right, and that’s when big things can happen.”


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