My gun control bible

For now, this article is my gun control bible. It appears to be from a person who is honest in his biases, earnest in his attempt to give context and fair air to both sides, and even knows a little bit about what he’s talking about. I broadly agree with his prescriptions and I hope this piece sparks a better dialogue. I especially liked how he tried to explain what the value is that gun owners see in their guns and how it constitutes an activity that deserves some prima facie respect, because people find value in it in a complex way.

It’s really great.


*It’s interesting, because most people talk about how the fact that America already has a lot of guns is a big problem. We have so many in circulation, the thought goes, that we can’t reduce gun crime without draconian measures. That’s true, but the other way to look at it should be that bc there are so many guns out there, we cannot fall prey to tyranny very easily. The citizens are too well armed. What we can do though is pass laws that make the redistribution of those guns to criminals more difficult. This is why background checks seem like a slam dunk. Under an extreme background check regime, it seems that any citizen with an honest history could get a gun and anyone without such a history would have to work much harder to get one. Everyone wins.


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