What do people think about Alex Jones on Piers Morgan?

I’m really interested in what people think about this debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones.

I thought Piers Morgan was generally right in the sense that his DEMEANOR and COMPORTMENT were right. I thought he stayed calm and civil. That’s not easy to do and it’s a victory when one is interested in coming up with a good plan.

I do think it’s odd that Morgan decided to have Jones on his show. As far as I can tell, Jones is one hair away from being a lunatic. I’m not sure if it’s a gracious move to give a voice to someone with so little to say or if it’s foolhardy to invite someone without argument in to an arena that badly needs to be more thoughtful and more deliberative. Was Piers Morgan just looking for the worst representative of the pro-gun side?

I also think it was a little patronizing for Piers Morgan to claim that it was a debate that he wanted, but he wanted to just ask questions that were kind of leading. I think it would have been better if he had just tried to put out a positive view about why the gun control restrictions he supports would have merit.

Jones had a video after the interview talking about his harassment by various security personnel. If such things happened, it’s a shame. That’s just garbage. There’s no need for it.

I didn’t get much from the arguments though. “Gun violence is down” was the big statistic that Jones was pointing to, but that doesn’t really tell us anything, because the question is whether gun crime would go down further if intelligent laws were put in place. Also, the risk of tyranny or disarmament is hugely overblown. There are so many guns in America already that disarmament would fail, and the fact that so many people are worried about disarmament means that democratically, such a measure would be impossible, and it seems, dangerous to carry out. Thus, we’re at no risk of being prevented from resisting a Hitler state should it come about. Our choice now then is between keeping the status quo or adjusting it in some way.

Then again, Piers Morgan’s statistics weren’t really that helpful either. He never said why closing the gun show regulation or whatever would help.


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