fantastic article

This is a great article. It sums up pretty much my entire philosophy. Happiness is what our culture teaches us, but it’s an empty doctrine. It teaches us to fulfill our desires rather than use them to create a personality or to build a legacy. And even if we embraced a more complete notion of happiness, then we would be at risk for aiming directly at something that must be approached obliquely. Happiness cannot be induced, it must be had for a reason. One must be happy about something and in fact really see that thing as something to be happy about. Thus, happiness is a justificatory notion. Happiness is the right response to something worthwhile. 

This article talks in terms of meaning, but I think that term is slippery and slightly confusing. I think it would be better to think in terms of value. Happiness is a feeling that comes about when there is something worth being happy about, and such a thing depends on what value we see in the things we are doing. And the way in which we see the value of something must be immediate. We have to simply see something as worth doing. 



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