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Self-Conscious L.A.

I just moved to LA, and I’m not sure what I think of it yet. There are goods and bads. Hilariously, one of the bads is the weather. I like rain a lot and I’m used to the cold and the snow. All told I prefer them enormously to the same old nice sunny days each day. It’s sickening. It’s cloying. 

One thing that’s funny and will play a large part in my theory of LA’s personality, is the self referential nature of its big chains. People in Cali and LA are very conscious, I believe that they are IN LA and California. I mean, they are in New York too, that’s just pride, in a sense, but here’s are some examples. 

Big restaurant chains are 

“California Pizza Kitchen”

“LA Fitness” 

“California Chicken Cafe” 

A bar called “Wilshire” on Wilshire boulevard

A big street called “Santa Monica” in Santa Monica. 

There are maybe more, but its almost like LA knows, better than any place, how to brand itself. To make it’s name into a commercial object. That fits with its glitzy reputation for sure. 

Also, what’s the deal with all the “woods.”? Brentwood, Inglewood, Westwood, Hollywood, West Hollywood.