A pet area of mine is thinking about why people hate coldplay. I don’t know why so many people hate them. It’s just a small puzzle that has grown on me over the years.

I’ve asked three of four people now why they hate them or why the band is hated. No one has a really good answer other than to say something about how they carry themselves. That’s not too revealing though, because you can always insist that you don’t like the cut of another person’s jib. If you ask why and the other person says “I just do,” there’s not too much further to explore.

This article I think does a really good job of summarizing the relevant points. They aren’t bad musically (not awesome, but not bad), they are nice people (give a fair amount to charity from what I understand), and they don’t seem to be arrogant or anything like that. They’ve even admitted a kind of humble place in pop history. Also, I like quite a few of their songs. Some I would even say have made me think or moved me.

Is it like the hate for LeBron James? It would be really interested to get a list of examples in which collective hate-o-rade is drunk by a group of people regarding an otherwise unobjectionable public figure. Is it freudian? Is it something else?

I’m still accepting explanations if you have a really good feel for why you don’t like this band. Some have suggested that the band wants to be like too much, and I kind of get that, but think about that for a second. Is the right response to someone who wants to be liked to hate them for it? To be liked is a completely natural impulse, ESPECIALLY for a pop band. That can’t be the reason to hate them…unless one wants to admit that it is completely arbitrary to dislike them, as I mentioned above.


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