Boston is still the worst city

I was supposed to go downtown today to work on this fast-food campaign that I’m a part of, and when I got there I found swarms of Bruins fans getting ready to watch the team parade the Stanley Cup. What a group. Only swarms of Boston’s finest were able to make me not fear for my personal safety.

Anyway, I couldn’t even get to where I was going because every street was shutdown and anyway, it would have been impossible to move anywhere if they hadn’t been. So I had to just cede the day to Boston and retreat back to Medford. O wait, there is maintenance all along I-93.

Now, I understand maintenance needs to be done on this highway (and I think they were fixing some bridges, and thank god, because those bridges need some lovin’), but not only were some lanes closed down, so that everything moved really slow, but various exits were sealed off so that I can’t get off at my exit without going like 4 miles north and then looping around. This is pretty damn obnoxious because Medford is already way the hell out there, and only I-93 working at optimal speed makes it possible to get into Boston for anything. So now, anytime I have to go down there, I can count on just driving past my house at 70 MPH only to blast back at 70 MPH. “Why not take side streets and not the highway” you say? Are you crazy? Side streets from Boston up to Medford would be as fast as if swam out to sea via the Charles and then up the Mystic River to Medford.

Boston murders me again.


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