Iran has submarines?

This site is, I think, one of the best sites on the internet for foreign policy news and commentary. It’s just great. It’s so good that it charges to be a member, and quite honestly I would like to if I were richer. So look at this, but understand that you can’t see the whole article and I couldn’t either.

Iran has submarines? No way! I love all things related to submarines because they are a kind of terrorist of the seas. They are asymmetrical because a well operated diesel (old tech submarine) can be very quiet and so be a very real threat to even sophisticated navys. It’s also interesting to me that this if the first time Iran has deployed to the Red Sea. Maybe they’re thinking about making some big moves. I’m not sure.

What should the U.S. response be? I have no idea. Maybe follow them around all day bombarding their sonar operators with active pings to make them go insane? It seems like at the very least we should try to get some good data. Do the Iranians know how to work these things with any competence? Tech is nothing without training. I believe the Chinese air force has more planes than us, but since they are so poorly trained, its kind of dangerous for most of them to ever take off. Win for us, for now.


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