15 minutes extremely well spent

Use this. It takes about 15 minutes to complete and in the process you will become a much better citizen of this country. It’s not because it necessarily teaches you anything specific, but rather attacks the cancerous cynicism that infects so many people these about politics. If you play this game you will learn that governance is hard and that people are for the most part, probably trying to do their best.

I solved 125% of the social security problem and lowered the deficit to around 300 billion. Not bad, but not that good either. I did most of it by increasing taxes and slashing the military pretty heavily. I mainly boosted education and some other social services.

This game also teaches you where the big money goes and where it DOESN’T. We don’t spend shit on the environment or our court system. Things seem to work ok with that decision, but we just don’t spend anything there. This game also gives you a great sense of how ABSOLUTELY MONSTROUS our military budget it. Wow.


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