Protesting the Media

People protest companies all the time, and they also protest actions of government, but I think this is a fascinating portent of the changes that need to be made to our media system.

You see, the New York Times, wrote a really scandalous article about the gender environment of the IMF and accused the organization of being ruled by an alpha-male mentality that made women feel objectified and victimized. As someone who these days is responsible for generating content for a website, I understand how seductive these stories are. They draw lots of eyeballs. They are also hopelessly simplistic and whip up interest at the cost of accuracy.

The women in this story though are calling bullshit, and they are doing it as a group. Normally, when someone protests a new story, they just deny it PERSONALLY or sue the organization (tabloid), but has mainstream news just become tabloid coverage, and why do outrageous stories now necessitate a  COLLECTIVE response. Notice the burden this puts on civil society. If the press is throwing its weight around with the sensationalism it can direct, then civil society has to become even more organized and vigilant to fight back.


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