Bin Laden and Some Help I Need

The two things in the title are kind of related.

First, we got Bin Laden, woot! Whoever that Navy SEAL that shot him must feel pretty good right now. The cosmic affect of this is to bring to an end the Bin Laden decade. For 10 years, this guy has haunted our foreign policy consciousness and having him dead is, as I think most people admit, not really that much of a win for the U.S. in terms of real security (the splinter group affect is huge, and it’s something I’m not just making up since I’ve worked on a book about this stuff for the last eight years or so). However, it is a huge psychological win, and that can then translate into real security games.

Think of the person who keeps falling in love, but can’t commit to anyone because of childhood trauma. The exorcism of these psychological demons would have real benefits — he or she could get on with life.

Same goes for Bin Laden. We promised we would bring this guy to justice (a euphemism that is all over our discourse on the subject. I’m not hating, but just noting, this IS a euphemism for killing him.) Now we can face new policy challenges. Funny also how fopo challenge seem to come in neat packages. We had the cold war, and then 10 years of prosperity when everything seemed to go right for the U.S. (the 90s) and then BAM! — terrorism. We’re starting to adjust to that now, but something else is undoubtedly in our future. Is it China, or is it CYBER-terrorism?

So,  I have a more formal piece on the death of Bin Laden here (after 7 am on May 2nd) and I’m in a friendly competition with the rest of the editors to get the most views/likes on our site, so if you can make it over there and just like (or “mic” as it were) my article, then it would help me in this contest. I have MUCH fewer friends than the other editors ’cause I sit alone in my room and do philosophy all day, so you’ve got to help me out.


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