Don’t read foreign policy news unless you’re going to really read it

As some of you know, I’m the editor for PolicyMic and as such I help find stories for writers to work on.

As a side effect, I’m reading a LOT of the daily news. The shame is that I don’t really have time to digest most of it, so I’m not learning that much. But what I am learning is where to go if I wanted to learn stuff, especially areas I know nothing about, like Syria.

So, I might post some more links in the coming days of some weird but really good sites that I’ve found.

To start, I will say that these two Syria sites are pretty serious. Here and here.

I’m also realizing that most foreign policy commentary is HOPELESS, and the reason this is, I think, is that there aren’t a lot of statistics to back up FOPO claims (randomized experiments are hard to keep in place when wars start). However, there are some really good nuggets out there, but they’re hard to find. When you find a really data-driven article though, you take notice, because it just feels so different than reading endless crap about who is going to do what based on superficial regional and historical parallels combined with cliche sound comments about how regimes “think” and “feel.”

Get some data and learn something. Try this post to see what I mean about data (holy shit what a post). This guys knows shit, and if you want to know shit too, you should read his ideas. Simple as that.

(Funny to see my anger creeping in here. Perhaps I’m just expressing my bitterness that no one will probably ever read my philosophical work, even though I believe it deserves to be taken seriously. Grrrr).


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