The Atlantic

It’s really hard to put together good news these days, because to keep things open to everyone, you have to run really crappy stories that get readership. The NYT wants to try the opposite, to keep journalistic standards high (well maybe not, I do think the NYT is so liberally biased, and again, I AM LIBERAL. Still, it’s nothing compared to Huffington Gar-bahj) and to ask people to pay for it.

I do pay for the NYT and I think’s worth it. In fact, I think it’s more worth it now that I pay for it, which is weird, but for some reason I really appreciate all the stuff they have to offer on that site and its organization.

But read theatlantic.com. Damn this site is so good. There are a lot of high quality articles and the garbage is nicely hidden so that I guess they can afford to keep things free (for now). I would happily pay money for thealtantic though, ’cause its just so damn good.

Congress should pass a law just taxing the shit out of the budgets of all the major news organizations like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN and just give it all to the atlantic.


1 Response to “The Atlantic”

  1. April 20, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    When you pay for something, you appreciate it more — classic psych 101.

    The more you pay for something, the more you’re going to value it, because you don’t want to feel like you’re being ripped off. Cognitive dissonance is funny.

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