Infinite Jest and Fractals

I JUST wrote about infinite jest here, and a friend hooked me up with this video. Watch the first few minutes at least.

My reaction is in one part self-congratulatory. I really did feel like there was something related to chaos theory going in this book, and so it was. According to DFW, there is chaos theory organization here by HIS INTENTION. Point Jordan.

My next reaction is: really? Did he really mean that or is he just going with what the interviewer is suggesting. He says something like “the extraordinariness of the banal” and c’mon. That’s something very cliche that I never thought DFW would say. Whatever though.

This book resembled “a piece of glass that has been dropped from a great height.”

“chaos is more beautiful than order.” You betcha

There is so much wrapped up in this book, including DFW’s life, who accepted money for this book in advance because he wanted to “finish it.” For someone who lived a life of depression and killed himself, the DEPTH of those words is almost incomprehensible for someone like me. I mean, giving his attitude toward things, you KNOW he was just dead-set against accepting that money for the book. DEAD-SET. But the importance of this work to this human was enough for him to compromise that.

Last, the fact that there are fractals in this book, and that it doesn’t feel like bullshit to say that means that this book is for real. When you sit down to read this book, you don’t fuck around. And this further confirms for me that real art is a real force and its not just kids wearing black doing word-masturbation. However, you do have to find the good stuff, and when you’ve found it, you know you’ve found it; just like when you find a beautiful woman who you can’t be with.


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