Hanging on in Quiet Desperation is the English Way

Title from Pink Floyd’s Time.

Anyway, here’s a short little something I thought about today as I was in a meeting.

Objective time differs from subjectively experienced time. Indeed, as physics tells us, there is no PRESENT, only different locations 0f space time (that’s why time travel is theorized as possible by physics). Humans however experience things as present or past or future. We are concerned about the future but we aren’t worried about the past and we think we are living in the present. Also, if we’re having fun then time “flies” but if we’re bored then time is stable.

I’ve said all that many times on this blog (though i can’t find the damn posts because wordpresses search feature seems to be quite bad).

What I realized today though is just a slight twist on this same old song and dance, which is that when you’re speaking, it seems like time is not passing. I was in a meeting and each person was asked to say something “quick” and once someone started talking, they seemed to forget just how long they were talking and how much they were actually saying. When I got my turn, I vowed to be quick, but sure enough, as soon as I got to my thoughts, I realized I had said A LOT and that I needed to shut up.

I don’t know what the connection is. Does narcissism make time speed up, or it something to do with VERBALIZATION, or just thinking in general? Is it that each though has a little “NOW!” marker attached to it in consciousness. I’m not sure, but it seems like intense brain activity makes time compress, as when you’re thinking intensely about something, or using your skills as when one plays in a sports game; it seems like you’re getting taken out almost as soon as you got in the game. You want to get back into the rush of playing.

When you’re sleeping and your mind is off, time of course disappears, that’s why its good to sleep on airplanes: you get to your destination “instantly.” Of course though, your mind is not “off” when you’re sleeping, but rather is doing all sorts of things, one of them being dreaming. But is there a feeling of time in dreams? Not a question with an easy answer but one I’m tentatively inclined to think is answered by no. In fact, it seems like whole dreams happen in the “instant” between my head hitting the pillow and my eyes opening in the morning. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy.

I usually don’t like to ask questions in blog posts, because I feel like its usually patronizing, but here I’ll ask, with sincerity,  does anyone feel like there is time in dreams?

Also, this article on the psychology of time is pretty wild.


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