The Rise of the Iron Moon

This is a book by Scott Hunt, and I’ve read and reviewed some of his other books (here, I also read his book Secrets fo the Fire Sea, but I never wrote about it.).

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves was awesome, but these other two books are lowering my opinion of Hunt.

I won’t spend too long discussing this book, but basically, my biggest problem was that there was just too much of everything. Ther are aliens, telepathy, vampires, armies of darkness, a death star, magic, submarines, airships, giant cannons, robots, and sentient spaceships,  genetic manipulation, and on and on. The general plot is kind of like a war of the worlds, but it involves a steampunk trip to the moon via a massive cannon.

It’s kind of a shame, because what I liked about the other novels is exactly this: Hunt’s massive imagination explodes into the fictional world that he creates and renders names, characters, modes of transportation, energy sources, races, in unique steampunk fashion.

There’s just too much of that in this story and not enough coherent plot. Halfway through the book I just lost it in terms of what the hell was happening. Some of the twists that happen later involve such radical twists to the narrative that previous utterances and portrayals did not preview or even really mesh with.

The deal breaker was time travel. Things were getting really complicated and absurd, and then TIME TRAVEL gets introduced. I never saw the point of doing that, and it made things really complex.

Anyway, what I got was, a race of genetically superior descendants of humanity seeds planets with various life forms and then take off to let them breed and evolve. Then they travel through time (no idea why) on a death start and eat, yes literally, eat all that’s left of the planet. They bounce around from planet to planet doing this with various species, etc. Kind of cool. Too bad that comes at the end after some non-sensical ridiculous stuff.

I would probably recommend sticking to Kingdom Beneath the Waves.


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