Salmon, State of the Union

A friend sent me this interesting little slice of I don’t know what.

The  cynical interpretation of this is that people are hopeless and that our democracy is ruined. While I believe that both of those things are true, I don’t believe this article provides evidence for that.

The reason why is that I think it shows that people focus on humor, which is something that I have talked about on this blog as having big effects on happiness and the kind of people we can be.

Also, I’m not very concerned that people don’t take the state of the union  seriously, because I don’t really think they should. I mean, clearly Obama wasn’t making any precise policy formulations or anything. I don’t blame him for that, but given its style, its probably appropriate to think of the speech as more a literary construction than anything else. A point, by the way, that I argue for here.

Anyway, the stuff about Salmon is off base anyway because the funniest part of Obama’s speech was him saying “we do big things.”


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