An Even Simpler Giffords Point

Here I argued that there is a non-partisan lesson to take from the Giffords’ media scrum even if there was no connection between partisan rhetoric and Loughner’s action.

But here’s an even simpler issue I have. Has anyone unearthed any evidence linking Tea Party rhetoric (or anybody’s rhetoric for that matter) to the actions of Loughner? Doesn’t seem like it.

Even if some evidence does surface later on, I think the charge that Loughner’s shooting was caused by political noise was hasty and pretty irresponsible. Without evidence, that type of political gamesmanship is kind of upsetting to me. I won’t make the mistake of blaming “liberals” or “democrats” en masse, but certainly some members of the blogosphere affiliated with the liberal ideology have really underwhelmed me. I chalk this up as an error on their part.

Unfortunately, what this means is that I mostly agree with Palin’s statement. I don’t really like what she stands for, but I can give credit where credit is due, and her recent speech I think was pretty correct (some parts of it were wrong or went too far). I wish other people could try that once in a while and give credit when it’s earned and accept blame when its merited. Our political system would gain.


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