Being one-dimensional

Some people are one dimensional. They only do one type of thing or they’re interested in only type of thing. They only care about that thing and everything else is just a means to advancing this passion.

This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Some of the greatest people in history were one-dimensional. Someone like Paul Erdos I think only cared about doing math. Napoleon only cared about conquering people. Other people though aren’t quite as great but are just as narrow. Some guys I know only care about meeting girls, some girls I know only care about meeting guys. Some guys and girls I know only care about their jobs or their friends or partying. Nothing wrong with that. It’s good to be focused.

Also, it’s good to be narrowly focused because you can be ACCESSIBLE for that reason. If you know someone loves football, you can always talk with them about that, or at least deflect awkward meetings with chit chat about their subject. There is a selection effect though, being one dimensional will only make you accessible to people who are good conversationalist; who know how to draw out conversation and to engage. So, if you’re interesting and one-dimensional, you’ll attract a lot of high functioning people to maybe impart knowledge to or learn from. Socially high functioning unidimensional people have it ok, maybe even good.

The worst thing to be though is to be socially inept but unidimensional. I know someone like this and it’s awful. This person hardly ever talk and is extremely hard to talk with. So, what do I do? I TRY to exploit his unidimensionality for my conversational advantage. I try to talk about football, which I know is the only thing he cares about. However, he cares so much about football, that he corrects me and amends my sentences and introduces new angles and terms and stats I can’t relate to. And so silence ensues again. Basically, such a person is self-sealing. They make it impossible for anyone other than other like-minded obsessives to talk with them.


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