Meta post

I think that posting about my own posts is poor form and that I should stay in “blog” character, which means just giving my opinions as if everyone cared (which is wrong).

So I’m going to break character (last time I did this was a year ago here) and say that I am consistently baffled by what people like to read from this blog. People apparently really liked my top gun and knocked up posts, and I can understand that, I thought they would be fun. But every time I try to spin a unique argument about politics or philosophy, no one reads it. I’m not complaining, people can read what they want, but sometimes I think I’ve gone and given a little 400 word nugget about some issue, and then it just gets passed over.

On the other hand, this post gets almost no attention, but then this one is my all time high scoring post.

Also, people love my book reviews apparently, but I can’t get people to look at any of music section posts to save my life. Especially this one, which I was so proud of.

Also, the last time I wrote a meta post, I noted this, but still I’ll say it again, my runner up all time most popular post is still this one I believe. Go figure.



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