Boston Inspection Sticker

I went downtown yesterday during business hours, and if anything has been impressed on me while living in Beantown, it is that a trip to the heart of the city anytime between the hours of 8am and 8pm is a disaster. I usually refuse to be on the road during these times.

But I had to get downtown to summer street  right across the water in East Boston. Miraculously, I did not get lost or trapped in traffic or find out that all the roads were closed for no reason. Instead, I arrive easily at my destination and even found a PARKING SPOT (one of the most valuable commodities in Boston) and even had enough quarters to pay for the time I needed.

Totally baffled by my good fortune, I threw in enough quarters to more than pay for the time I would spend away from my car.

I returned well within the allotted time and found a TICKET. HOW!??! I wondered. Well, there was nothing wrong with the meter or how much I paid, but the passing meter person saw that my inspection sticker was out of date. Downtown, those parking people are parking assassins, highly trained operatives designed to raise as much revenue as humanly possible for Boston’s public services. I can’t believe they check the documentation for cars that aren’t violating any parking rules.

But I admit my sticker is out of date and so I do deserve the ticket. Well yes, but here’s the deal, my car passed all the inspection tests related to emissions and safety, but because its old, its onboard computer is glitching up and saying there are problems that do not exist (the check engine light is on but I recently had a mechanic tell me the engine is in good working order). So I fail the test for that reason. I don’t want to pay someone and take the time to reset a computer that has no impact on anything, but of course, I paid the price for that dangerous lawbreaking attitude.

Bottom line: Boston has a silly inspection rule that I couldn’t pass and so they fined for violating it even though I was keeping up with all the other laws.


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