Attractive Sports Reporters

Ok, this post is supposed to be trying to make a small, thought provoking point in two areas I don’t know much about (attractive people and sports).

What I’ve noticed, and I have no real evidence for this other than personal experience, is that there seem to be a lot of attractive women sports reporters, but I mean specifically the people who interview athletes after the game. Almost always it seems like, a really attractive woman is holding the mic while the player says some random things about “taking care of business,” “getting the job done,” and “playing as a team.”

Now, why are there so many women doing these interviews? I find it strange. It’s not that I wonder why women are sport reporters because I believe that women don’t know about sports. To the contrary, I think many women do know about sports. Rather, the reason its strange to me is that in general more men are interested in sports than women (that seems fair, why are there only women cheerleaders in sports, well, because something like 10 million men are watching or whatever) so you would think that a majority of people working to cover sports for a living would be men and not women.

Then I thought, well, it’s show business. It’s better, all things considered, to have an attractive woman holding the mic than some other joker. Now, I can’t rule that hypothesis out, but it seems to be missing something, because most commentators (not the people on the ground but the people in the booth) ARE men, and so it seems that people, when watching sports, want good reporting and not attractive people. Again women could provide good reporting fine if that’s what people wanted, but then I would ask why they don’t represent a smaller number of on the ground correspondents as per my original problem.

Then I hit on a thought that I want to put forward for consideration, which is that the on the ground people are attractive women because they have to get players to talk to them after the game. Maybe players love the cameras, but my guess is that they don’t want to talk about every game, especially the ones they just lost, but maybe a smiling, sexy, face results in, on average, more interviews.

Now for the Oscars or something like that, you have a mix of men and women because the people they’re trying to interview are both women and men. But professional sports in the USA are played by men, and so maybe getting attractive on-the-ground-correspondents is just a smart adjustment to the fact that the jobs of these people is to get the attention of men.

Now, I think this all might link back to the Ines Sainz scandal with the Jets. In fact, if you read this article after reading this post, I think a lot of things jump out at you. I’m not trying to take a side yet, because I don’t know enough, but I’m just trying to point out that this sort of thing is complex, and  heavily laden with sexual dynamics. There’s a lot to explore, for philosophers as well as sports fans.


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