A mixed beer strategy

If you’re planning on doing some drinking, consider getting a six pack of nice beer that you like (if you even care about nicer beers at all) and then a six pack of crappier beer. The reason is efficiency.

You want to try and get the most pleasure for your money, and a mixed beer strategy is better than a pure crappy beer strategy or a pure good beer strategy, and that’s because of the way that alcohol degrades taste buds. It’s important that the first beer be tasty because you’re taste buds are at their best, and so if you paid $10 for the six pack then you know that you can, with your best taste buds, get pleasure that is worth more than $10/6 (per beer price). But as the night progresses, its unlikely that you can keep your happiness per beer above that price. So, as your taste buds decay, you should switch your choice of beverage and save your nicer beer for when you are more sober so that you can enjoy its taste again with the full power of your palate.

This strategy ensures you’re getting the most for your money. As advertised, this is an efficiency matter.


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