street efficiency in Boston

Boston has a lot of problems. One of them is that there isn’t a lot of street space: total road space is small which causes congestion. But there is also an efficiency problem, a question of getting the most use out of every square foot of road that there is, and Boston doesn’t do well at that either.

The problem I have in mind is that on most non-highway roads, there are two lanes, which is fine, but at one light their will be a left turn only lane, but not at the next one, and then again at the next light after that. So there’s a lot of wasted time and space by cars jack-knifing at the last second to get into the lane that they want to be in. But this is compounded by the fact that every other block the right lane is allowed for PARKING. So, there is no consistent way to know which lane you should be in. You think that a left lane is designated for turning so you drift to the right lane, only to find that it wasn’t a left designated lane and now you have to remerge because of the on street parking. Some simple consistency would really cut down on inefficient and aimless maneuvering between lanes. Either make the right lane turn only and allow left and straight in the left lane, or the do the reverse and make the right lane designated for street.


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