It’s a small, bizarre world

I’ve been writing several posts responding to articles from Judge Richard Posner’s blog (here and here).

Today though, I happened up on this article describing a right wing blogger who had been indicted for issuing death threats against, among other judges, Judge Richard Posner. Small world. Oddly though, this guy was pissed about Posner’s gun control rulings.

Two things.

First, I think this guy used to inform on white supremacist groups. I’m really glad he did that, but if I’m interpreting this right, then he was able to inform on them because he used to be PART of these groups? That would explain his insanity.

Second, the penalty for threatening a federal judge is large, and I was pleased to see this. When judges are not protected, a very core part of our political system is at risk. Judges are asked to sentence really bad people to jail all the time (or make controversial decisions), and they should be able to do so with impunity. Think of cops. The penalties for shooting a cop are VERY stringent, and rightfully so, because their appearance at the scene of a crime is supposed to have a deescalating effect on the situation; it would be very bad if cops were not well protected by the law so that it was tempting to have shoot outs with them.


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