Boston gets me twice

On Thursday I had a very important date. I was meeting a girl at 5 at the north end and I was going to drive. I thought if I left at 3:50, I would make it in time. Usually, it takes less than 15 minutes to get to the north end from my house, but I CRAWLED the whole way into Boston at 4 pm. On top of that a big monsoon hit the area and made everything humid, not to mention preventing me from leaving the parking garage for another ten minutes. When I left 2 hours later, I paid 34 for the garage.

Today I tried to pass a sailing test that required that there be heavy wind.  So, there was a red flag up (indicating sufficient wind), but I was told that the water quality was bad because a pipe broke somewhere (almost goes without saying). This means that there was a lot of shit in the water from sewage. The Charles isn’t clean to start with, but this was a particularly bad day. Of course, I capsized trying to jibe in hard wind. I still smell like Boston asshole.


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