Not the insect, the sport.

I’m trying to read a book right now called the Bodyline Autopsy in which a famous cricket controversy is dissected.

This incident — “bodyline” bowling — is supposed to be really interesting, but this book is REALLY hard to read. First, the guy who wrote it is British, and his choice of words is maddening for someone who speaks American English.

Also, the book is written as if it was organized by a third grader. There’s been reference to roughly 15 people without any introduction and the time period keeps shifting from the 1880s, to WWI, to right before WWII.

But lastly, there’s cricket, which is probably the most complex game I’ve ever tried to understand, and I’ve been reading the book with a glossary of cricket terms open and I’m still making no progress. Take this sentence, “His broadest concession was an acknowledgment that Bodyline led to a beneficial amendment to the laws, whereby bowlers could at last get their due by winning leg-before decisions to balls coming, having pitched outside off stump.” Huh? Bowling? It’s PITCHING!


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