Groupon Problems

I went to my first groupon the other day even though I’ve been getting the emails for a while now. The experience revealed two possible problems.

1. There may be a selection problem. Which restaurants need to use groupon? Perhaps the ones that are having trouble attracting customers or ones that are new. Either way, you are either certainly going to a bad place or have a good chance of going to a bad place. I went to Rami’s and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very good either.

2. Places that are trying to get a start are trying to get a start, and so they might not be geared up for a large number of people. This was exactly the case at Rami’s in which we couldn’t order for at least 20 minutes and we couldn’t even pay until about an hour later because they were so short handed that they told us to wait to pay until they had served the other customers. I didn’t mind the wait, but I could tell the “kitchen” was getting killed out there.


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