Boston and home rule

I was looking at some TIF stuff after writing this post, and I came across an interesting article about Boston.

The point is that Boston is, in many ways, VERY constrained in what it can do as a city. For one thing, TIF financing was only first LEGALIZED in 2003, and most of the decisions affecting Boston can’t be made by Boston but only by the state legislature. But since Massachusetts basically is Boston, this might not be that big of a deal.

Another thing though is that compared to other cities, Boston gets all of its money from property taxes. This article only mentions that this is why Boston can’t plan for it’s own future, and it primarily contrasts Boston to Chicago. Since Chicago is awesome and Boston is pretty crappy (and using Chicago as a comparison city controls for the difficulty of snow and cold, which I admit, makes running a city hard), I think there is really something to this. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to read more about this.

Also, for some reason I’m reading a lot of good stuff about Seattle. I think that city has got its shit together.


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