Iron Man 2

Just saw Iron Man 2 because I loved the first one. Not saying that the first one was some sort of artistic triumph, but I thought all in all, it was a tight, entertaining treatment of the origin story for Iron Man.

2 was a huge disappointment. I think still, it had on the whole more good than bad, but not by much.

First, I think the movie borderlines on the comic, by which I don’t mean that there are some funny parts, but that the atmosphere becomes so ersatz and flippant that one thinks the movie, as a whole, is a comedy. Stark makes all sorts of ridiculous statements, and his main business rival, Justin Hammer, is as incompetent as Elmer Fudd or Wile E. Coyote. He just isn’t menacing at all. In fact, you get the sense that he’s kind of a rich dork who doesn’t even have enough arrogance to even be condescending. He jokes at point that he might get laid. Seriously? Main villains can’t joke about that.

Well, let me amend that, he’s not the main villain. Instead, it’s Anton (I think that’s his first name) Vanko, but he’s not much more menacing. Sure, he’s got a ton of tattoos from his time in a Russian prison, but you never actually see him successfully hurt another human being. Doesn’t really seem that tough. He can’t really speak english either and he kind of wears this stupid grin for most of the movie. He gets beat up by iron man in a short confrontation toward the beginning of the movie, and then fights war machine and iron man for roughly 5 minutes later on. 5 minutes! So much for awesome action scenes, like when iron man flies next to U.S. F-22s in the first movie (here).

Then there is this RIDICULOUS subplot (that actually takes up 2/3 of the movie) where Tony Stark tries to get over his suicidal depression and general carelessness. They write in some terrible lines for Pepper Potts and her acting is pretty bad. There’s one scene where Tony visits her on a whim at Stark Enterprises to try to tell her something important (who knows what it is, maybe he wanted to tell her that he’s slowly dying, but that gets fixed later after Samuel L. Jackson shows up). She so angry that she won’t hear him out and she also tells him that she’s allergic to the strawberries he brought for her. First, why did they even write in him bringing strawberries, and second, the scene doesn’t accomplish anything.

The one interesting artistic point is that they wrote in a bunch of lines talking about Stark drinking and getting over his drinking problem, and you can really tell that RD Jr. really delivers them with special emphasis.


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