Historical Canadian assassination attempt

Don’t ask me how I came on this, but I was reading the wikipedia page  regarding Andre Dallaire, who tried to assassinate the Prime Minister of Canada.

I find the whole story incredible, primarily because of how different it is compared to assassination attempts on U.S. presidents.

First, Dallaire brandished a knife in front of security cameras outside 24 Sussex Drive, the home of the prime minister. He then walked inside and confronted the PM’s wife. It took 7 minutes for security personnel to arrive.

7 MINUTES?!! And that’s AFTER this guy just walked inside, as if I was just going over to my friend’s house. If a stranger walked on to the LAWN of the white house, he would be either arrested or shot, and it’s probably not too far-fetched to think the latter is the more likely of the two options. But then again, no one would be able to get on to the lawn in the first place. Also, a knife? Seriously?

I guess part of the difference is that the white house actually performs a lot of functions (diplomatic, policy, etc.) but I think the PM’s house is really just his house. Still, you would think that strangers would not be allowed to walk into the house. Hell, my house in Medford has more security than that; it at least has a lock.

The last thing that struck me was that apparently this guy later apologized to the PM and the Canadian people. No one who tries to assassinate a U.S. president does anything of the sort.


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