humor again

Here I put some thoughts down on what I thought humor consists of, and my main argument was that humor at its purest always has a touch nihilism that see through all traditions, social forms, and practices.

Another reason for thinking this might come from what some call self-deprecating humor. I take to heart the injunction that one should be able to laugh at oneself, but where does this piece of folk wisdom come from and why should we be able to laugh at ourself. The answer I think is that humor is not from the perspective of a tradition or any specific outlook. Humor does not mind the boundaries between self and world, ego and other. Humor is from a neutral perspective, looking down on the world in some sense uncaringly, never inhabiting any person or society’s perspective. So, it’s no surprise that we find ourselves funny sometimes, because humor look at us the same way it looks at everything, as absurd or at least open to criticism or unmasking.


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