drugs and capitalism

My philosophy professor mentioned offhandedly that national parks are used to grow pot. Not believing, I did some research, but it didn’t take long to find articles quoting federal agents complaining about the use of national parks as marijuana farms (here’s one).

Apparently, national parks are underpatrolled and located within the U.S., which makes smuggling unnecessary. The article above claims that it’s common for these plots of land to be guarded by crude tripwire explosives and armed guards with automatic weapons. I wouldn’t expect anything less from drug cartels, but I may not ever visit a national park again.

The lesson here for me is the unbelievable power of profit. Drugs are big business, and so attempts to criminalize it and fight it with the cumbersome tools of law enforcement are always going to be several steps behind, even with the ridiculously aggressive laws we’ve come up with in the past few decades to fight the “war on drugs.” Now, I’m not saying that because law enforcement is bad at fighting this war, we should give up. I agree with this further point, but it’s not the focus of this post. All I’m trying to say is that the ingenuity that drug money unleashes is really hard to beat.

I mean seriously.  Narcotraffickers use makeshift submarines to bring their product to market. Yea, you heard me, submarines.


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