Harvard makes fun of Tufts

Finally, an issue of minor blogospheric importance that I can comment on. Here’s the story. The Crimson ran an article making fun of Tufts for having a bad party scene. A Tufts writer responds in the Tufts paper. Various third parties weigh in.

Now for my two cents. This whole thing got out of control and while some good punches were thrown, they were all directed at the wrong targets.

First question — is the Harvard article a kind of modern day colonialist travel literature; where civilization goes off to meet the exotic locals? Yes. Is the point of it to bash Tufts? I don’t really think so. The point of the article was to meditate on the anticlimactic nature of most student partying, and I think the ending satirizes the overblown hopefulness that characterizes the early portion of the article. These kids know they don’t really belong at a party scene and they know that they shouldn’t really be going out on Valentine’s day. Tufts isn’t really the target here, and any school would have served as the set piece for this relatively generic article about the banality of college life.

Let’s move on. Though I don’t think the article intends to really insult Tufts, many people thought it did and got really fired up defending it. But everyone should calm down. Fact: Tufts’ party scene does kind of blow. Further fact, Harvard’s is no better. Final fact, name calling between both universities is a little childish.

However, points to the columnist in the Tuft’s paper who I somewhat admire for her other work. She delivers this semi-mature zinger: “I don’t want to start a column war with the Crimson — that would involve me reading it every week.”

The unspoken counter punch is that Tufts kids really do have a massive inferiority complex vis-a-vis, the Ivy League. In the last week, I must have read 3 articles all talking about how no one instantly recognizes the name of their school. “Tufts? Where’s that?” is the response that makes Tufts kids madder than anything. Again though, face facts. I go to Tufts and I still don’t really know where it is. Is it in Medford, or Somerville, or Boston? No one knows.

As a final thought, I’m pretty sure the Harvard article is fabricated, because the Crimson journalists claim they took a “cab” to Tufts, but I don’t know of a single working road that leads there; they’ve all been under construction since I’ve set foot on campus.


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    May 26, 2010 at 2:43 am

    This article is more benefit for me. Hope you post more benefit article in the future. ++

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