side benefits of having a large military

Many people note that we spend a lot of money on the military. Some even suspect that we spend too much. I strongly agree.

However, I do want to be fair. There may be side benefits to having a large military that are often overlooked by people who note how much worthless stuff our military buys (and it does buy a lot of worthless stuff). The big side benefit I want to note is that the military makes great people. Sure, you get some jingoistic sons of bitches, and some people are probably outright sadists, but in general, I think the military instills very positive values that have benefits that redound to our society at large. Chief among these values is a desire never to quit. I’ve interviewed many military people now, and to give a small example, they never get tired of helping me. Even after I’ve interviewed them for 20 hours, they want to keep going until my project is done.

This has great societal benefits as well as just being plain impressive.


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