the worst street in America

I haven’t visited every street in America, but I think Boston is a great place to begin the search for our country’s worst street.

And in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already found my answer. Dorchester Ave, the main street running through *duh* — Dorchester, is pretty terrible. It’s very similar to Main street in Everett, except worse. The street is just two lanes, and is used by every bus, commuter, and trash collection truck in the city. Of course, there are many, many lights, most of which come on and off, and they aren’t synchronized. I spent about 25 minutes, crawling through about 10 blocks.

Of course everything I’ve said so far is just to say that Dorchester Ave is a street in Boston, but there’s something about Dorchester Ave that makes it particularly ineffective. Maybe its the criss-crossing roads that splice into it at all sorts of angles, or the density of shops, but in any case, maneuvering is almost impossible. Google maps says that my route should have taken about 4 minutes, which was only off by about a factor of 5: the Boston destination multiplier.


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