media bias

Here’s a post from Matt Yglesias singing the praises of the New York Times. He never even mentions the Wall Street Journal as a possible rival, which I think many acknowledge is the better paper. Does the Wall Street Journal have a different political ideology than the NYT? Sure. But, without revealing my sources, one of my friends who used to write for the Times was telling me how the Wall Street Journal had been routinely beating the NYT to top stories for at least a few years now. There is ideology and then there is just plain reporting, and to write an article about the NYT and not even mention the Wall Street Journal seems a little bizarre to me.

I consider myself fairly liberal, but increasingly I am starting to wonder if there is a significant media bias in favor of politically liberal news content.

Now, it’s really hard to identify bias, because there is no basis to say what a neutral story is, but more and more, it seems that similar stories are reported differently depending on the political sides involved.

I think the feeling on the part of many conservatives, which is hard to prove, that the media neglects their concerns, results in the shocking and bitter exaggerations of conservative themes on a variety of distasteful Fox news shows. I wonder though, if there is truth to the claim that the media is biased, then is Fox news a justified response?


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