why is the first die hard so good?

Just watched Die Hard for the 15th time in my life, and it’s still awesome. I’m not sure why this movie is so good.

There are so many key parts to this movie, like the hyper-Aryan villains (and one asian with a fu manchu. What?), the pardadigmatically 80s seting, the holiday atmosphere (the movie takes place on Christmas Eve), or the great cop that Bruce Willis ends up working closely with.

However, as everyone knows, one great part of this movie is the amount of punishment that Bruce Willis takes. By the end of the movie, almost every part of Willis is covered with blood and sweat due to the huge number of bruises and cuts he receives. The injuries that get dished out gives the movie a feeling of gritty reality. However, the key to the realistic destructibility of Willis starts early, with his lack of footwear. On the plane to LA, he gets told by a business traveler that the secret to releasing stress is to take off his shoes and grip the floor with his toes, and he’s in the middle of this exercise when the terrorists strike Nakatomi tower. He goes without shoes for the rest of the movie and the image of him running on the roof and up and down the building without shoes is really what makes him the crazy renegade that he is. Yipee Kai Yay.


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