War movies from 1986

I just saw the 1986 movie with Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge. I think this movie is really good, and it perfectly casts Eastwood as a no nonsense gunnery sergeant with a heroic past.

The real interesting thing about this movie though is how it compares to another hit 1986 movie, Top Gun. These two movies are in many ways opposites and each one draws out what’s lacking in the other.

If musical genres could apply to movies, Top Gun would be pop and Heartbreak Ridge would be hard rock. In Top Gun, its all about pilots who duel one on one in the air. There’s no creeping through mud or hard physical training. H.R. on the other hand is about marines and the not so glamorous sides of military life. Top Gun drips with jokes (made chiefly by Goose), glamour, and fun, while H.R. succeeds with toughness and tribulation combined with dry humor.


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