Boston is awful, but let’s be balanced

Here is a long rant about why Boston is awful. I approve of many of the comments in this rant. For example, this angry person focuses on Boston’s lack of infrastructure. Right on.

My point is that just like in politics, criticism becomes warped and counterproductive when it becomes demonization. For example, this author says that people in Massachusetts are rude. This is the stereotype for sure, but many of the Boston people I have met are extremely friendly and have very large hearts. Also, these people are tough as nails. Like I said before, their city does nothing to help them, but they keep on living nonetheless. Now the accent, I do find annoying, but really, how can one, in good faith, complain about it? Everywhere has a stupid accent and its purely arbitrary which ones we find pleasing or gut-wrenching. The accent, as much as I dislike it, can’t be a matter of fair criticism.

Today though, my displeasure with Boston stems from the weather. The weather was great as I toiled away on papers and finals, and then on the very day that I want to go to a real city, Dallas, it snows out of control and basically paralyzes this region of the country. Boston is so bad that it even traps me here when it knows I would rather be somewhere else. Thanks Boston.


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