Google on top forever?

I love google stuff; everything they make is great. However, I’m very concerned that they can’t keep it up forever. The company has become fairly large and today it seems to “innovate” primarily by buying other more nimbler and innovative companies. How long can this model sustain revenue, especially since revenue from advertisements seems to have a saturation and other companies are likely to get really good at advertising on the web as well.

All in all, google won’t have the money to keep buying every small interesting start up out there, and if they can’t buy all the innovation, then their eventual fall from dominance (not saying google will disappear) seems assured. It’s just impossible to have one company beat all other companies at innovation in every conceivable type of app, program, application, or website. Sure, for now chrome is the answer to Firefox and google’s new operating system might be a competitor to Windows, but can google keep one step ahead forever. It seems impossible.


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