Boston lets me down again, but I’m used to it

Everything in Boston is breaking apart. In fact, current predictions put Boston’s total disintegration about 5 years out.  That said, it’s understandable that the city would do anything in its power to extract more money from its inhabitants.

Case in point. Thanksgiving day, I drive to south Boston on the waterfront. I see three cars my entire time and park in an uninhabited lot. Most meters in Boston say a time parking limit and then “except sun and hol.” I assume that this is the case here. I come back three hours later, and lo and behold, a ticket from the city of Boston. On Thanksgiving. Are you kidding me?

Again this just proves my point that a good parking spot is one of the most valuable commodities in all of Boston.


3 Responses to “Boston lets me down again, but I’m used to it”

    • 2 questionbeggar
      November 28, 2009 at 6:37 am

      Haha yes. Although I still would have paid 500 dollars just to get in to New York with my car, but point well taken.

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