no one pays for a roommate

Here’s a clearer way of putting this post.

No one pays to have a roommate. There is not anyone so cool that people would pay to have them occupy a house with them.

Think of this non-existent craigslist advertisement:

Hi, my name is Jordan and I’m fucking awesome. I’m hilarious and we’ll have such a good time together. I’ll liven up your life for only $500 a month.

Yea there are maids that live in house for really rich people, but no one seriously thinks that maids are hired for COMPANY.

On the other hand, people will tolerate a roommate for a fee (the rent the roommate pays), and when they get richer, one of the first luxuries purchased is solitude.

In other words, people don’t really like other people and almost no person is so fun or awesome that they wouldn’t have to pay a fee to be in close proximity to others.  Thank god there is sexual attraction or I think people spend MUCH more time alone.


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