why I like not being rich

I used to live off my parents’ dollar. They were generous people and so when I went to the grocery store, I could just grab what I wanted and leave. The cost was unimportant.

Since living on my own though, I have to scrutinize the prices of things, and I get a significant amount of psychological satisfaction when I can look at an item and start carrying on about it’s price. “Three-ninety-fucking-nine, what do they think I’m made of, money?” I say to myself when passing by the gourmet bread section. Maybe I want some onions, “Holy shit, two FORTY-FIVE.” This is some kind of righteous indignation that subliminally vindicates me for being thrifty and having easily satisfiable desires in general.

All this is very fun. However, let me be clear. I didn’t say I would like being poor. I’m not trying to say that secretly being poor is more fun than being rich, but that being in the middle — not rich — might be more fun than being rich, at least for me.


1 Response to “why I like not being rich”

  1. 1 jen
    May 9, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Yeah, so I just quoted you on facebook, but since I don’t know your name, I just used -questionbegger.wordpress.com I was just thinking about how, when you’re rich, you have to DO so much more. Throw parties, buy stupid crap, that sort of thing. It’s nice not to have to keep up with a bunch of bores which is really the beauty of being middle class. I don’t have to go to happy hour and keep drambuie in my house. Another bonus.

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