the difference between reading the news and reading philosophy

I read the news a lot when I didn’t have classes to go to, and I usually found something that (I thought) was worthing saying about a given topic.

News is mainly about the facts, or at least, with cable news programs, its about the fax plus some crude but minimally sensible interpretation of those facts (“Bush is an idiot!” or “Everything liberals do is wrong!”).

It’s easy to move beyond these unhelpful prisms laid onto the news and thus come up with lots of blog posts.

After reading philosophy, which is what I do all day now, it’s much hard to come up with something that is really worth saying. Sure, you can recapitulate the deep thinking of a just-read argument, but to really add something, you must go even deeper. This is hard, especially when I want my posts to be interesting to a wide group of people and not just the group of 10 people working on the philosophy or perception, for example.


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