two handed tennis

This NYT article is already pretty popular, so I’ll just link to it and make my one point.

This guy is a nut. Why would you care so much about something so trivial?

But more substantively, the two handed backhand makes for better games. Almost every tennis pro I’ve ever had has mentioned this to me and I think all the best tennis players use a two handed backhand.

PS: Here’s a quick quote from this article I found funny:

About a year ago, Mueller asked Richard Kaufman, the director of officials for professional tennis at the United States Tennis Association, about playing with two rackets. Although skeptical, Kaufman checked into the legality of it and determined that it was not within the rules. Then he asked around to see if anyone in the U.S.T.A. was interested in the game.

“Everyone I asked, including some teaching pros, saw no redeeming value in it,” Kaufman said in a recent interview. “They basically thought it was a ludicrous idea. If he wants to start his own game, that’s fine. But it is not tennis.”

Kind of harsh…Also, it seems like the opposite point is true: it’s so much like tennis that why would anyone even care.


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