Obama’s faith based initiatives

When Bush proposed his faith based initiatives after his 2001 victory, there was a storm of media coverage. According to this article, Obama has proposed similar measures, but the media coverage has been nonexistent. In fact, true to the assertion of this article, I had no idea that Obama even had any faith based initiatives.

faith based initiatives

There are many explanations for the discrepancy in coverage. For one thing, its possible that Obama’s programs are much less ambitious than Bush’s, though the article I cited above seems to think they are comparable. Also, there may be less coverage given that a predominantly democratic congress is much less likely to go along with overly religious presidential directives. Thus, voters may feel that Obama’s actions in this area have significant checks so that they wont’ get out of hand. Another explanation, which I think this article was trying to hint at, is just plain bias.

I tend to think that there is bias in media reporting, but that it’s not monolithically republican or democrat. There’s Keith Olbermann (sp?) and there’s also Sean Hannity.


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