the best hamburger


I posted about my favorite pizza place, Sally’s, which is in New Haven. However, my main food interest is hamburgers. I used to eat burgers all the time, but ever since my friends, who are all becoming doctors, have shown me videos about cholesterol, I don’t eat them nearly as much anymore.

However, when I do have a hamburger, I really like to go in search for the best.

In harvard square, where I work, there are many options. The worst is flat patties probably, which is a pseudo-fast food chain. The hamburger is just really runny and seems to be made completely of salt. The fries were poor as well. A little above flat patties is b. good burger, which is a really deceptive name. I don’t remember what exactly went wrong with this burger, but I remember it was bad. There’s also John Harvard’s which is really just a chilis with a more pretentious name to capture tourists stumbling through harvard square. However, the burger there is about average. They don’t screw it up (I mean they are a pub after all) but there is nothing really unique about what they’re serving.

The real gem of harvard square though is Mr. Bartley’s. Like with all popular things, it’s easy to suspect that Mr. Bartley’s traded in their authenticity for profits, but from what I can tell, the place is just a good burger spot. First, the burgers are reasonably priced: 6.50 for a burger and some chips, and the patties are nice and thick, but not too runny.

The manager of my restaurant recommned R.F. O’Sullivan’s as a competitor to Mr. Bartley’s. This place is a close rival, but I still pick Bartley’s from my experience there so far.

One other place, not in Boston, is Louis’ lunch. Located in New Haven, this joint claims to have invented the hamburger. You can’t have ketchup there and they don’t have buns. Instead, they just use slices of bread. This place is a close rival to Mr. Bartley’s and in fact it might be better, but I’ve only been eating Mr. Bartley’s lately, so my ability to compare is inhibited.


2 Responses to “the best hamburger”

  1. 1 BostonDave
    October 3, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    John Harvards is a brew pub… They make beer there AND serve food. Chilis? Way off the mark…

    • 2 questionbeggar
      October 3, 2013 at 10:00 pm

      Does Chilis not serve beer? I guess a comparison to chilis is a little unfair, but I meant to convey the fact that John Harvard is a pretty ordinary place catering to the huge traffic of harvard square, not necessarily to those in search of a delicious beer or burger.

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